• Technical Awareness Raising Committee have to create opportunities by nomination of training candidate from the suitable members when implementing capacity building program in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Studies with collaboration from the national government agencies, CBOs, NGOs and INGOs.
  • If there are any occasional needs of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment services or need of research activities or any possible engagements available to members, such information is informed and distributed to members in appropriate ways.
  • Occasionally, association will hold workshops and seminars in order to alleviate complexity of EIA projects. By means of sharing experience, knowledge and environmental and social information through such workshop and seminar, members will develop their experiences and knowledge.
  • The member will get benefit from distribution of knowledge and information by MEAA.
  • When member proposes to use the national environmental and social data which is collected with the collaboration from relevant government organizations, local third parties, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), International Non- Government Organizations (INGOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Technical Awareness Raising Committee may allow to use data and information on the basis of evaluation on data usage proposal and receipt of commitment, depending on objectives of the data usage by the proposed member are not against the existing laws, national interest, objectives of the association and so on.
  • According requirement of Technical Committees, Lifetime Members and Fellow Member are allowed to participate in any one of Technical Committees or Lifetime Members, Fellow Member and Members are allowed to participate in a Supporting Team (1) to Technical Committee. Similarly, Associate Members, Junior Members, Student Members and Affiliated Members are allowed to participate in a Technical Committee’s Supporting Team (2) which is formed as per requirement of Technical Committees.
  • Patron, Honorary Members, Corporate Members, Associated Members, Junior Members, Student Members, and Affiliated Member has rights to attend and discuss in Annual General Meeting/Plenary Conference. Similarly, with an invitation of Chairman, aforementioned members have rights to attend and discuss in the meeting.
  • Members, Fellow Members and Lifetime Members have rights to vote in Annual General Meeting/Plenary Conference.
  • It is officially allowed to use relevant initials of membership after the name: A.M.MEAA for Associated Member, M.MEAA for Member, F.M.MEAA for Fellow Member, Hon.M.MEAA for Honorary Member, Hon.Fellow.MEAA for Honorary Fellow Member, Dist.Hon.Fellow.MEAA for Distinguished Honorary Fellow Member and Dist.Hon.Patron. MEAA for Distinguished Honorary Patron.