Duties and Responsibilities of Members

  • Members shall pay the prescribed annual fees during the specified period.
  • Shall follow the described rules and regulations
  • Shall take full responsibilities that are assigned by association.
  • Shall not establish sub-groups within association which causes conflict of interest with   association.
  • Prohibition of any acts and behavior that cause deterioration to the objectives of association.


Code of Conducts for MEAA Members

  • To conduct my professional activities with integrity, honesty, and free from any misrepresentation or deliberate bias.
  • To conduct my professional activities only in subject areas in which I have competence through education, training, or experience. I will engage, or participate with, other professionals in subject areas where I am less competent.
  • To take care that my professional activities promote sustainable and equitable actions as well as a holistic approach to impact assessment
  • To check that all policies, plans, activities, or projects with which I am involved are consistent with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and guidelines.
  • To refuse to provide professional services whenever the professional is required to bias the analysis or omit or distort facts in order to arrive at a predetermined finding or result.
  • To disclose to employers and clients and in all written reports, any personal or financial interest that could reasonably raise concerns as to a possible conflict of interest.
  • To strive to continually improve my professional knowledge and skills and to stay current with new developments in impact assessment and my associated fields of competence.
  • To acknowledge the sources, I have used in my analysis and the preparation of reports.
  • To accept that my name will be removed from the list of self-ascribed professional members of MEAA should be found to be in breach of this code by a disciplinary task-group constituted by the MEAA Board of Directors to consider any complaint lodged against my professional conduct.

Reference is made to IAIA’s professional code of ethic.