Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (formerly known as Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry) established Environmental Conservation Department in 2012. According to the sub-section (k) of Section (7) of Environmental Conservation Law (No. 9/2012), it is to establish the system of environmental impact assessment system and sub-section (e) of Section (2) of Environmental Conservation Rules (No. 50/2014) permits third party individual/person and organizations to conduct Environmental Impact Assessment. Until 25th July 2016, there were 32 local third party organizations that were in service under the permit of Environmental Conservation Department and transitional registration certificate were given to 55 third party individuals/person and 37 number of local third party organizations on 20th July 2017.

With an intention of national sustainable development, stakeholder meetings of local third party organizations, held on 28th August 2017 and 13th November 2017, provided outcomes to establish “Myanmar Environmental Assessment Association”, as Union level association, in accordance with the Myanmar Company Act. Memorandum and article of Myanmar Environmental Assessment Association was confirmed through the decision from Founding Meeting of Myanmar Environmental Assessment Association which hosted 91 national scholars and 47 third party organizations on 19th January 2018.

Its official registration was successfully accomplished at the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) with registration and license no. 107418172 on 16th October 2018.