• to support National Sustainable Development and safeguard natural resources
  • to develop human resources in Impact Assessment Studies
  • to improve technical know-how in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment study
  • promotion of environmental awareness and issues
Chairman & Visitor


CEC & EC Members

Association Structure


  • Provision of consultancy assistance to support the tactics and strategies of national development as independent third party association
  • Development of unity strength among local EIA firms and national scholars for sustainable growth of MEAA association
  • Safe transfer of ESIA knowledge and technology to those who are interested throughout the nation; offer of public awareness trainings and environmental training programs
  • Initiatives of capacity buildup programs in Impact Assessment studies through collaboration with national authorities, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), International Non-Government Organizations (INGOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)
  • Provision of information to MEAA members for the engagement of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment study and research activities
  • For the sake of national sustainable development and improvement of ESIA technology, engagement with international organization
  • Strengthening technical know-how of local EIA firms while understanding of third party consultancy service with professional ethics, duties and responsibilities
  • Provision of best consultancy suggestions to project investors in consideration of environmental and social, cultural heritage and community safety issues to be included in ESIA project formulation and design
  • Sharing project experience, knowledge and environmental issues to tackle the complexity of development projects through workshops, seminars, stakeholders meetings
  • Distribution of knowledge and information regarding with the environmental impact assessment
  • Development of national environmental data base by collaborative works between national authorities, local third party firms, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), International Non-Government Organizations (INGOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)
  • To open sub-associations in the republic of the union of Myanmar for carrying out conveniently the process of association, if required
  • Formation of MEAA association as Non-Profit and Non-Political Organization