It is with our deepest appreciation that we welcome you to the MEAA 2020: International Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development held in Yangon, Myanmar, on January 8 & 9, 2020.

The aim of this International Conference, held in partnership with International Finance Corporation (IFC), is to highlight the urgent need for professionals with in-depth knowledge and competency in environmental science and engineering fields in Myanmar. 

As the very first kind in the field, this Conference will bring together a diversity of stakeholders including researchers, scientists, industry experts, NGOs, EIA practitioners and policy makers to exchange each own experience and knowledge in tackling the complexity of development projects in regards with environmental and social sustainability in Myanmar. 

In Myanmar, Almsgiving, or ‘Soon’ in Burmese, is a practice where every morning before sunrise, Buddhist monks make rounds throughout the neighbourhood to receive food donations from local people and give them blessings in return. Prior to this practice, the group of local people are incited by shouting loudly, “It’s time to wake up! Be ready! Be prepared! To do some good deed!” This traditional, early alarming practice is called “Bontour”. In the same way, this conference anticipates and encourages all kinds of professionals for upcoming challenges, and stands as an “Environmental Bontour”

With a collective effort of the participants, the Conference will be a milestone in the path towards an essentially deeper level of integration and networking between various scholars across the country. Thus, we offer our most sincere gratitude to each and every distinguished guest and accomplished individual for his/her contributions towards the Conference.