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Nowadays, the opinions and voice-of-rights of communities are taken account as a key dimension in implementing any kind of development projects. Social and economic experts now require considering on the degree of satisfaction/concern of individuals or groups in correlate with the spatial distribution and pattern of their living. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a modern tool can analyze the physical, social, and economic data of the communities and display the results in the form of maps and the heatmaps is one of the best tools to visualize the behavioral data. This technical exercise is intended to demonstrate how to develop the heatmaps by using a dummy dataset in statistical means. One of the fundamental thing is the survey points should be adequate and distributed properly to cover the study area. The result of heatmaps is probabilistic finding and it requires further verification and justification to acquire acceptable resolution. The map-oriented researchers can explore intensity of interpolated data from spatial grids of the heatmaps and can argue on location-based social and economic incidence.


The structural transformation of Myanmar economy leads to rapid growth of business
investment activities. Government of Myanmar has own development goal of ‘job creation and
private sector led growth’. The government also recognizes that the natural environment is the
foundation upon which Myanmar’s social, cultural and economic development may be
sustained (MSDP 2018-2030). For balancing between economic growth and environmental
conservation – it means sustainable development – project proponents and investors should to
consider for people and planet besides profit. To become as a responsible and ethical business,
the business firms should assess and report the potential socio-economic and cultural impacts of
their proposed projects by themselves directly or through third-party consultant firms.

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